Friday, August 31, 2007

Van Gogh did what to his ear?!

Reporting from the same darn recliner in my living room.

I'm still taking one Percocet a day. I do not see foresee Tylenol in my future soon. Today was yet another uncomfortable day. All I did was lounge on the recliner and slept between Percocet poppings. Everything on my left side of my face is sore. It starts from my eye and radiates to my cheek, my teeth, my jaw, my ear lobe, my head. It all aches! I have not whined through my entire recovery yet because this is suppose to be a small price to pay for the big boom. I just have one thing to say, what the hell was Van Gogh thinking when he decided to hack his ear off?! He was definitely a few colors off a full palette. Holy crabapple, I can't even begin to fathom the very idea of what he did.

It has been five days since they did the old buzz cut and my hair is already starting to grow. I heard from the grapevine that pre-natal vitamins helps hair grow at an amazing rate. I wonder...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your regular posts. Please keep them coming!

I like that you're not glossing over the aches and pains from surgery. I've had a couple (knee, nose) and know that the slicing and dicing does come at a price. I like knowing what to expect when it's my turn :)

With respect to your upcoming activation, here's a link to a short article by a musician describing his activation and later experience with his implant:
What It Feels Regain Your Hearing


Anonymous said...

Glad sugery is over. Hope pain begins to subside.
Larry & Barbara

Laurie said...

Hope you feel better soon. It will all be worth it. Yes, prenatal vitamins work and I'm still taking them!