Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm officially a bionic baby!! :)

Darn gone it folks, I went bionic! Here is the recap.

7:30am - My famished self and the rest of the clan arrived at the hospital. I got myself checked in and signed a few papers so the hospital can get paid. The infamous bracelet got slapped on the wrist and I was sent on my merry little way to prep.

8:30am - I got into prep and got changed into my stylish cotton gown and little blue booties. I warned the OR nurse that she had only ONE shot of getting that IV in me and that was it. She did not get it in on her one and only chance and happily obliged by my wishes. Whew! The last time I had surgery, it took the nurse six times until she finally gave up and handed it off to another nurse who knew what she was doing and got the IV in. All the while, I was passing out, sweating, and seeing stars. They gave me the oxygen mask and all was made right. I refuse to go through that again.

9:00 to 10:30am - My spirits were high. I was cracking jokes because my mom and my dear friend Philly and George were upset. The anesthesiologist and an attending doctor came to visit and introduced themselves. While I was trying to bribe them with some home made cookies to convince the mean doctor not to shave my hair, they were going over a few things with me. One of the doctors asked my mother if she and my good friend Philly, who is around the same age as my mom were all related. This is classic. My mother so innocently replied, "We are both her moms." The look on the doctors' face confirmed that they thought my mom meant that I was the pride and joy of a domestic partnership. We all had a gay ol' time laughing at that!

10:30am - I was left alone until the good doctor came to visit me. He asked me if I was ready to roll. After nodding affirmatively, I began to bat my baby blue eyes, and begged him not to shave my hair. He did not fall for it. I pouted the whole way being rolled to the OR. Meany!!

11:00am - With the red carpet rolled out, I arrived at my destination, the OR room! The realization still has not sunk in I was going bionic. It was not until the anesthesiologist put the mask on my face to put me to sleep that I realized, pardon my French, "Oh shit, I don't want to do this, stop!" *snoring* I was officially checked in at the pillow department of the Cochlear Implant factory and there was nothing I could do about it. Resistance was futile.

2:45pm - I woke up very groggy but not nauseous. I immediately took notice that there was no tinnitus in my left ear, no sore throat, no dizziness and little pain in my left ear. Hot damn, this is great! I got some water and started waking up little by little. My mother and Philly came to visit me. They commented on my cute little headband, little did I know they put made bows out of the gauze where my "horns" would normally be. Sick joke. The good doctor told me them that they had a little trouble getting the last electrode in but finally got it inserted. I got some water, Jell-O and gray chocolate pudding! Gordon Ramsay would have been all over that chocolate pudding, it was disgusting. I do not suffer from that metallic taste side effect as you will see later on in this post.

4:00pm - Discharged and on my way home!!! They gave me some perkies and sent me on my merry way. I got a philly pretzel and munched on it on the way home! Washed it down with some diet coke.

6:00pm - I arrived home after getting my perkies and sat my tushy in my recliner and ate some more :) There isn't a darn thing wrong with my appetite. I knocked out for a few and then woke up to blog and answer some texts. I made myself some little english muffin pizzas, had some strawberries, and had a sugar free Popsicle (girl has to watch her figure after all, LOL).

I feel pretty darn good compared to the other surgery I had. I'm going to check in at the pillow factory and let you know how I'm doing tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers and support :)


Laurie said...

Wow! You made it through surgery and posted the same day! Glad it went well.

Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog last night.

Can't wait to hear about your "journey to sound!"

Jennifer said...

I'm in awe, sweetie! How are you feeling today?? Did you sleep OK?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your surgery! I have been reading your blog daily for several weeks. Love it. I am hoping to get implanted soon myself and appreciate your coverage of the process.
-Jeff H.

Anonymous said...

Whew where do I start? Im so extremely proud of you for taking this like a champ! im so happy for you i can't even put it into words. You deserve this so much and have worked so hard to get where you are today, you are truly admired by people everywhere. not just me.:) you're a great person abbie don't EVER change. Can't wait for the day they turn you on. It brought tears to my eyes when i saw that video of that girl being able to hear. <3 i love you!
oh yeah and i saw what you said about you doing alot of laundry and never have anything to wear in the morning. how is that possible when you look neatly matched and dressed everyday?!?!?