Monday, August 13, 2007

Opus of the Plague

At this point, I wish I was a computer equipped with satellite-shielded speakers, which are immune to interference. I feel like my ears are vintage computer speakers that are affected by electronic interference of something as simple as a remote control! It sounds like I have a AM radio station in my ear. I suffer from tinnitus. This episode that I am currently having in my ear is driving me BONKERS for the past week. It sounds like the inside of a seashell is inside my head amplified ten times.

*banging head on desk*

I feel like this cat right now.

You would think I would be use to this by now since I have had tinnitus since I lost the rest of my hearing in my left ear. It never use to be this bad. I use to have a well-behaved left ear. I use to be able to lay me down to sleep and wake up with ears that have normalized overnight. The older I am getting these cacophonic episodes have gotten longer, louder and diversified in sound. It only affects my left (dead) ear but it is so loud that it actually takes over my other ear. The sounds range from this lovely melody of the ocean that I experiencing right now to buzzing, beeping, hissing, whooshing, and roaring. It is the opus of the plague to me.

Peculiar things would start the onslaught of pungent noises. If I cracked a piece of hard candy with my jaw a certain way, the music begins. I have learned since then to stop chewing hard candy since I do not want to end up with old English men teeth. If I was horsing around and just happen to land on my feet just so, here comes the static. Cold weather brings it on regardless if I wear a hat on my head or not. It comes on for no reason too and can last for up to over a week. Why? why? why?!

I do not remember me putting my John Hancock on a piece paper allowing my head to be the host of a foreign sound taking up residence in my auditory system. Who do I have to call? Tinnitus Busters?

On a brighter side, I got two more weeks to go until my surgery. Yee-haw!!


Sam said...

Yup...had the same thing and it was so loud at times, not even the hearing aid can mask it. Fast forward...the CI actually does a wonderful job masking it that I am really looking forward to putting it on in the morning!

Cindy said...

I've got it, too. Here's a little tinnitus humor: