Monday, August 20, 2007

Just like the Energizer Bunny...

I keep going and going and going.

I have 7 days to go and then it is scalpel time! Pardon my morbid sense of humor. I am delirious. I just want Monday morning at whatever godforsaken time the hospital wants me to be there to arrive.This weekend flew by at the speed of light. On Friday, I attended the end of the season softball bash at a fellow player's house. The house was gorgeous, hard-scaping was magnificent, pool was beautiful, and the food was delicious with a capital D. By the end of the night, all my energy was consumed trying to keep up with conversation, but I had a great time nonetheless.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday. I did some shopping and I attended a spa party! I tried numerous beauty treatments. None of them made me look like Heidi Klum but it was relaxing. I had this stuff put on my face that gave me a patina effect. Then the chair happened. I am going to nickname this chair Chocolate because it is just as dreamy as chocolate. Chocolate is a torque up pedicure chair for your own personal use! I felt so relaxed between the treatments and the massage. Later on, that night, my friend and I decided to try our hands at making hair extensions. We eventually gave up and started looking into some technology to modernize the process. It was coyly named "Mom with the sewing machine."

Then Sunday, a few wonderful hearing friends and I went to the NYC Deaf Festival at South Street Seaport. We arrived at Fulton street hot off the subway, and I had no idea which way was east. It did not take me long to find out, all I had to do was follow the deaf people. It was everyone's first deaf event and it was a learning experience for all of us. It was a good time with the music, the vendors, and the food. I think it would have been better if I knew sign language. Not all was lost because we learned some sign here and there. We learned how to say thank you and success. Sign language is a beautiful way to communicate. I wanted to find someone who had a cochlear implant and failed miserably. We had good food at Uno's. I was very impressed at their quality of food. I would say the experienced has been a success, thank you all!

Then today at the office was business as usual at my not-so-sunny little cubicle. I was so jaded this morning from my weekend :) It was a very hectic day. My tinnitus was mild this morning. I thought I was going to need a rubber room last week! I faced reality this morning that my residual hearing in my right ear is going and fast. Things that I heard a couple weeks ago I am barely making out now. This morning I had to use someone else's desk to make a quick copy. I had several people behind me and they were trying to get my attention. I did not hear a single word. I was able to be hear some environmental sounds. I turned around to get the copy and I saw that they all had the infamous grin on their face of "Hellllllo, we are trying to get your attention!" Words were exchanged and I walked out the door with my tail between my legs, figuratively speaking.

It is a dog-eat-dog world out there and I'm happy I can still hear mine bark.


Jennifer said...

It won't be long,'ll be here before you know it. The only people I've ever met who failed miserably with their CIs are some older implantees (before nerve stim testing) and people that don't try. It's work, but you'll get a good result if you keep at it...I hear far more success stories than failures!
I'm counting down the days for you! I'm excited! :)

Kim said...

I really want to read your page, but I can't because of the light yellow type on white. It doesn't who up on my screen very well. I'm going in for a cochlear evaluation soon.

Jennifer said...

Abbie, I like the green better than the yellow...I hated to admit it but it was kind of hard for me to read. Suppose I'm getting old ;) Thanks! :)