Saturday, August 04, 2007

The twisted irony of it all...

For the first time since February, I was forced to use my cell phone for something other then texting. On my way home from work, I saw a minor car accident. Before I proceed, it was not a bad one. Everyone was fine but a bit shaken up which is to be expected. It was about 200 feet away from me, and I did not hear the crunching metal-to-metal, plastic snapping, and rubber squealing associated with my own personal experience in car accidents. I grabbed my cell phone and headed over to see if anyone was hurt. Everyone had ten fingers, ten toes, and no bleeding. Thank goodness, no one was bleeding because the sight of blood makes me pass out. I would have needed an oxygen mask. Then it hit me that I had to call 911.

WHAT!? How am I suppose to do that?!

I think I went as white as my dress. My initial thought was to hand my phone off to someone else. I was surrounded by the parents of the baby boomer generation and none of them looked technologically perceptive. Note that I am not passing judgment but you just had to see the group of folks. I started to walk away staring blankly at my phone trying to form my introduction speech for when I dial 911. Then a lightening bolt hit me! A very dear friend of mine was training to become a 911 operator. She gave me the scoop on what order they ask questions. If I state the information in that order that it would minimize the operator asking me question. Now, what was the order again?

I remember her telling me that they always ask the location first, and then the emergency.


I remember her telling me that they will ask if anyone hurt.


I remember her telling me that they will ask your name and telephone number.


Easy as pie, I could do this. I dialed 911 and hit send.


I turned my hearing aid way up and I heard the faint ringing sounds. It sounded like 5-6 rings before someone picked up. Someone finally picked up and it sounded like

- 911, what is your location? (Hot damn, my friend was right!)

I calmly relayed the mental script to the operator with the introduction that I am deaf, please bear with me. I did not hear a few things but after several repeats, I eventually understood. It was successful call for the most part. I continued to wait until the cops got there. Then my cell phone starts buzzing and I look at the number. I did not recognize it but maybe it was cops because they have not arrived yet. Here we go again....

-Do you see the police officer?
It actually sounded like dew utee list officer to me.
-No, I do not.
I reiterated the location again.

Before my next breath, the cops arrived.
Whew... I was shaking in my sandals...


Jennifer said...

Hi Abbie!! :)
I saw your post on the CI Yahoogroups list (don't ask me which one, I'm on several, ha). I have a blog,'s not a true "CI blog" because I was already blogging long before I decided to get a CI...but the story's in there somewhere :) I also have links to other CI blogs in my sidebar to help you meet a few of my CI friends!!
I'm excited for you as you start your CI journey. Mine has not been a smooth one, but my case is somewhat unique. I know you will do great with yours!
I can't imagine having to call were so brave!!

Sam said...

What an awesome blog! I especially love the description of the audiogram. It seems we have very similar results. I also bleed Yankee blue. Good luck on your surgery and I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures!