Friday, August 03, 2007

Today is one out of the next 25 days to go.

And how does this New York Yankee fan spend her day? Sweating about two pounds off over the course of four hours and it was worth every ounce :)

Today was spent at the New York Yankee Stadium on the HOTTEST day of the summer. I knew it was going to be a scorcher when I started my car up to see the temperature being 86 at only 9 o'clock in the morning. We got to there by bus and it dropped us off a few block away from the stadium. The minute you stepped off the bus you felt the frenzy and the excitement. It is something that you never forget once you go experience, but each time is like the first. It is the perfect example of deja vu. I was hoping to be part of history while my favorite player Alex Rodriguez made his 500 home run. Alas, that did not happen because the score was 13-8.

This is the first game I had attended since my sudden drop in hearing. With the assistance of the multi million-dollar sound system that the Yankees have in their stadium, I could feel the beat of certain songs. The faint rendition of Star-Spangled Banner that was played in the beginning was barely there. I will tell you what I did hear. The roar of the crowd, the cheers, the clapping, and the chants. The sheer volume was wonderful. It takes a crowd of 54,869 for me to be able to hear something without my hearing aid. Not too shabby :)

That was the last game with my hearing aid. The next game I go to will be in the new New York Yankee Stadium which is opening up in 2008. I will be sporting my new toy for that one, magnet attached and all. I wonder how it is going to sound then. It will be a new experience all around. It will not feel the same since the new stadium will lose its vintage ambiance that the old one has. Then how could it sound the same? It will be something to look forward to in the future with a sense of nostalgia in the air.

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Billy said...

When I lived in NY, I went to a game with my friend and we brought our girlfriends at the time (wife now) and the temp was 102. The girls wanted to go to Jones Beach for the day, but no, we talked them into a Yankee game. They were soooo mad at us. It was also towel day, and all this white stuff from the towels was flying around and it was getting in their hair, more and more they wanted to kill us two. But my friend and I were have a hell of a time watching the game, but it was hot!