Sunday, August 26, 2007

Strength is irrelevant, resistance is futile. I wish to improve myself.

I'm off to join the collective, the most wonderful collective of all!!!

I don't think I am going to have a problem sleeping tonight. I was like a crazy pregnant woman diagnosed with nesting syndrome today. This is what I have accomplished since since 7:00 this morning.

  • Went out to breakfast with my mommy and the best neighbor in the whole wide world! (you can't have her, you just can't, she's all mine.)
  • Food shopping (it is tough but someone gotta do it.)
  • Mowed my brand new lush green lawn with the worlds heaviest lawn mower :)
  • Wacked some weeds, pulled some weeds, and sprayed the suckers so I don't have to do it again in a weeks time.
  • Operated the leaf blower for the hell of it, it is fun (just wanted to blow the weeds in the other direction instead of raking them up)
  • Rearranged my sun room furniture (I was bored)
  • Gathered up the garbage and she shoots, she scores right into the trash can for 2 points.
  • Popped some bubble wrap (Truly liberating)
  • Washed, dried, and folded and/or hung three extra large loads of laundry (and yet I complain every morning I have no clothes, pfffft.)
  • Sweep and/or vacuumed, washed, and scrubbed the floors (lemon scented floor cleaner is bliss)
  • I cleaned all major appliances back to the sparkling showroom status.
  • I cleaned and disinfected the telephone, doorknobs, bathroom sink, tub, and last but not least the porcelain god.
  • Posted a couple "Extra, Extra, Read All About It!! Surgery Tomorrow!" on a couple cochlear implants websites.
  • Lastly, I talked to the anesthesiologist about my medical history via my mother.

I'm pooped.

Signing off to join the collective!

P.S. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers.


Laurie said...


I did the same thing before my first surgery. . . cleaned the house like crazy. . .put up new drapes. . . my husband thought I was getting ready for another baby!

Will be thinking of you today. You will do great.


Jennifer said...

I think you're a crazy woman ;). No, actually, I'll probably clean around here a bit IF I ever get a surgery date!!
Thinking of you....(((HUGS)))

Jennifer said...

On pins and needles...hope you're feeling OK, girlie!! :)

Jim Schmidt said...

God Speed in your recovery and in life. Your are a strong and lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you are exhausted--your Sunday was enormously filled.
I'm glad today (monday) went well. Keep up the good work. My thoughts are always with you. Bernie (work)