Thursday, August 30, 2007

Attention Homo Sapiens, Attention!

Reporting live from my micro fiber plush recliner located in the living room filled with sunshine from the northwest.

This is an official CI news update.

I have the tendency to nod off several times a day, which I contribute to the Percocet. I have taken steps to reduce the Percocet from two tablets every 4 hours to one every 4 hours. Tomorrow, I am going to start taking plan old Tylenol. Boring, I know.

I religiously clean the incision with Hydrogen Peroxide and apply Polysporin twice a day. My mom noticed that there is a small patch of redness at the end of the incision but no sign of infection or discharge. We put a call in to the doctor just to double check that there is no reason to sound the alarms. My hair is looking downright ridiculous.

It is hard to describe the “pain” in my ear. It feels like a headache behind my ear. If I bend over, yawn, swallow or hiccup, it begins to feel full. If I straighten up or lay down, the fullness sensation goes away. I have started to feel little fluttering sensations around my stitches. My little nerve guys are beginning to wake up ☺ I wish they would wake up in the top of my ear though because it feels heavy.

My neck has loosed up some since I used an ice pack and the results are simply delightful. It no longer feels like I slept the wrong way. In exchange for that delightful feeling, I can see the god-awful ugly bruising around my eye, neck, ear, and incisions. When the pain medication wears off, I tend to stiffen up. I would say today has been the most uncomfortable day so far. The left side of my face is just very sore.

My spirits are high and I feel energetic. I am being forced to suppress this happy feeling because I don’t want to hear a certain shrilling voice, “ABBIE! You need to rest!” Sigh. I’m forced to do simple activities like watch the boob tube, eat chocolate covered strawberries and play with my little puppy. Watching TV is getting exhausting because the batteries in the remote control are going and it burns a few extra calories then what I want to getting to the channel I want to watch. I just ate the last of the strawberries. My puppy requires constant attention. My puppy pounces up on me with a ball and uses her entire head to roll it to me to engage in a game of play. While she is in her play stance, I grab the ball and throw it within a 6-foot range. This goes on for several minutes before she gets tired and resumes her beauty sleep. Then I resume mine.

Since the good doctor killed the tinnitus in my left ear, sounds are coming through much clearer in my right ear. For example, my mother is making dinner and she is creating such a racket with banging pots and pans. I had to turn around and ask her are you always this noisy making dinner?! After I said that, I realized how long it has been since I have not heard banging pots and pans and immediately told my mother to bang away. I was grateful for hearing it.

That concludes our report, good night and good luck ☺

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Anonymous said...

It's great reading the blog. I'll be watching to see how things go with turning on the implant. Have a good day and take care.