Monday, September 03, 2007

A stitch in time cost me thirty.

Happy Labor Day everyone!!! I love getting a day of rest just because I am a member of the working society. I unknowingly finagled it so I can have an extra day for recovery. Genius, I know. I feel great today besides the cotton ball fullness feeling in my ear. If that is the only thing I am complaining about, I am grateful. Tomorrow is the day that I get the stitches removed. Boo-yah!!

How much does it cost to get some stitches snipped out of my head in America?

  • Three hour round trip
  • $12.00 in gas
  • $3.00 in tolls
  • $10.00 dollar co-pay
  • $5.00 to valet park your car
  • Being able to wash my hair tomorrow night


People, I am excited!!! I have not even thought about activation since I have been counting down the days hours to washing my hair. That does not mean I have been completely oblivious because I know I still have two weeks to go until I'm turned on. My right ear is doing very well since the good doctor killed the tinnitus is my ear. I had company over today and I looked away to self-test my speech discrimination. The result was that I felt there was an improvement since I picked up a few simple words here and there.

That and taking just one Tylenol was my cool factors for today.


Cindy said...

You are so funny - I really like how you see the world around you AND yourself!

Heal quickly, heal quickly!


Anonymous said...

What insurance company dod you have? How did the doctor get rid of your tinnitis? I have it in one of my ears. I am looking into getting an implant but cost is a problem. My ins only covers 80%.

great things are getting better for you.

Jennifer said...

Abbie...I can't believe you haven't gotten to wash your hair yet!! If I were you I'd be crazy by now! They let me wash mine the next day. I just had to cover it with Neosporin and a washcloth to keep the water off of it! They used dissolving stitches and superglue in my case...I never had to have mine removed :)
I'm enjoying reading your account of your recovery...I'm glad you seem to be feeling better!! *hugs*

Kim said...

YAY! I can't wait to hear about your activation.

Kim :)