Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Here is my ear...

WARNING: This blog is rated PG-13 and suggested viewing time is before breakfast, brunch, lunch, high tea time, or dinner.

I was simply too excited about washing my hair and getting a new cell phone to post yesterday. I did not know which way to go but I knew I had to go west to see the good doctor. The stitches came out with very little pain since my incision is still numb. Whew, I was sweating in my sandals because I do not deal with a little pain being afflicted on me that well anymore. I can deal with massive pain but not the other way around. It never used to be that way until a couple years ago. I am a wuss now and I have no other choice to embrace the wussy way of dealing with pain.

Anyway, off to the good stuff. The doctor looked in my ear, gave me a clean bill of health, and then uttered those magic words, “You can wash your hair now.” So I put my biggest Kool-Aid smile and thanked him for putting up with my vanity, it was not an easy task for that man. I go back to see him in January sometime.

I thought I left my keys in the ignition and my car running because the minute I parked my car, I went from driver’s seat to the shower in 60 seconds flat. It was invigorating experience with a new sensation with water gliding over the incision being numb. Of course, I learned a few things after not being able to wash my hair for 8 days (whose counting? I sure was!). I discovered that I will never be able to rock dreadlocks or cornrows. How unfortunate… just a crying shame.

Now for some eye candy, or ear candy to be politically correct!!

Here is a picture of my incision with my stitches....

Eww... my ear is fat!!

And without my stitches...

It looks like I have to get liposuction in my ear.

I am absolutely knackered from going to bed late last night since my sleeping habits went off kilter during recovery and then going back to work today for the first time since my surgery. I was missed. I am glad that I am back to work since I felt the walls were closing in on me but I'm exhausted. I just want to climb into my box shaped bed and go to sleep.

This is me signing off with 12 more days to go til turn on. Sweet dreams.


Jennifer said...

OUCHERS, Abbie!! My incision wasn't anywhere near that big, I don't think!! Bless your sweet heart!! I'm glad the stitches are all out, and doesn't it feel awesome to have clean hair??? *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I was wondering exactly where the incision goes (since I didn't get very far watching the online video of a CI surgery... :). Glad that everything is progressing nicely.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the "specialist" at my medical group. All I need is for him to refer me to the local CI surgeon (who, of course, is not in my medical group). Cross your fingers for me!

-Jeff H.

Kim said...

OUCH! Looks painful and made me wince. I know it's SO worth it though. I have several friends who have been through this and they are doing so well. I know you will too. I'm going to try to make an appointment today for an eval. Wish me luck!