Sunday, September 02, 2007

I see things all so clearly now.

I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning and watched for the first time Gone With the Wind on TV. Today was the day I felt pretty good. I didn't wake up with an immediate craving to reach for my prescription bottle full of Percocet with its adult proof caps. Instead, I took plain old Tylenol and it worked like a charm. It is nice to interpret reality clearly instead of living in a fog. I was going to take a picture of my lovely stitch work behind my ear for the world to see but lo and behold, digital cameras seem to have an expiration date and mine expired. Sigh. I hopped online and ordered a new one though. I love having the world at my fingertips! Now if I could only try shoes online by the measurements of my feet, that would be my golden egg.

I should give a brief summary of this past week.

  • Monday was the easy part. I got my ear partially "Van Goghed" and flipped over and this computer stuck in it. They sewed me up, my head was dressed with a huge bandage wrapped so tight that Erin Brockovich could have worn it as a skirt.
  • Tuesday - The skirt was snipped off my head. I spent most of the day high off my Percocet. Every couple hour I would fall asleep.
  • Wednesday - Same thing as Tuesday. Pop pills, sleep, eat, pop pills, sleep, eat, ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, la la la.
  • Thursday - I started to feel uncomfortable. My whole left side of my head ached.
  • Friday - I felt even worse then Thursday. My aches and pains turned up the voltage a bit more.
  • Saturday - I woke up feeling better then I had but then I had that awful nose-blowing incident. I shudder just thinking about that. I went for a drive with no problems.
  • Sunday was the day I stopped taking the prescribed narcotics and started popping over the counter stuff. That is a milestone for me. I am not much a pill popper unless I have to.
There you have it, the condensed version of recovering from a cochlear implant by yours truly.


Jim Schmidt said...

You are amazing!
I love your prose and viewpoint.
How very lucky your parents are - and I'm sure know - that their daughter is such terrific person.

And, IMHO, one to be admired and emulated.

Thank you.

Kim said...

Hey Abbie

Just came to see if you had an update on your blog. So glad you were doing well last week! You're an inspiration to us all!!!