Monday, February 18, 2008

Tyra Banks Show

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch a live taping of the Tyra Banks Show in New York, which is being aired this Wednesday at 5:00pm EST, click here to see the time in your area! The topic is about the bad girls of America’s Next Top Model! Check it out and play the game of “Where’s Abbie?” in the audience!

This was my first time in a studio and I had no idea what to expect, I would be lying if I said that I was not concerned with how I was going to be able to follow along. I feel that way no matter where I go. If this had taken place six months ago, I would not even consider going. Thank goodness, I decided to go this time! I was pleasantly surprised when I had very little difficulty understanding everything that was going on, especially when Tyra talked. It almost seemed that she was standing right next to me no matter where she was standing. It was an awesome experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

The moments did not seem to stop after we left the show because I had very little difficulty understanding the Indian taxi cab driver from the back seat! At Port Authority, my friends and I sat in the back of the bus while it was passengers were getting on to go home and I decided to call my mom and I don't have T-Coil activated on my cochlear implant. I had no problem understanding her with the engine noise, people chattering and feet stomping. It was a good day, a good day indeed!

Speaking of good days, my buddy Sam had his second ear activated on Friday and he is currently listening to Led Zeppelin infamous song "Stairway to Heaven" all the live long day. He had a rough go with his first CI, like me, but it seems like this one is off to a great start! He has on me on the edge of my chair waiting for a post about his new moments :)

I want to say thank you for all of those that wished me a Happy Birthday on Friday, especially Jennifer and Val :) You guys are beautiful inside and out!


Valerie said...

Welcome - love you back!

I think tomorrow as I watch the show, each time I see you, I will drink sweet tea. Since I know you are a true southern gal stuck up in New Jeresy, tea is only fitting. You know see Abbie take a shot of tea.

And in honor of you sitting in the audience of the Tyra Banks Show, I will dress up in my best dress and walk runway during the show with Jenna.


Kim said...

I'm amazed by how well you're hearing. I could never hear that well. It's awesome, and it hasn't even been that long since you were implanted!! :-)

Valerie said...

I just saw American Top Model Dolls at Target and Walmarts. I need them for when I watch the show. That way I don't fall down from those high heels, I can just use the half naked models to do my runway walking.

Monday...monday have to watch

Unknown said...

God I wish I could play the Where's Abbie game!!! Damn. Happy belated birthday!!! Here's to a VERY strong and good, Jodi

Sam said...

YEAAAAAAAAA...Zep rocks and lives forever. Thanks for the shoutout! I honestly think you should be on Top Model. I mean come on...they are all pizzafaced wonderbraed invisible garterbelted imagination of some computer geek!

Cyborg Queen said...

I *think* I saw you. Were you wearing a black V neck sweater? You sat next to a girl with black and white stripes shirt? I only saw like 2 mins, and I saw you right at the begining....I'll have to watch the rest of the show today! I TViOed it. :-)

Abbie said...

YES! That was me! There was a really great shot of when Mercedes was talking (the girl in the strapless black dress) and she says "its great make-up!" and they pan to the audience and viola! There was me and my buddy :)

Cyborg Queen said...

I SAW YOU on Tyra! *squee* Now...that felt weird seeing you in "live" instead of just words. LOL!

Anyhoo - thanks a bunch for the "Say It In CI" site...awesome! I have been listening for many different sounds, and honestly, it's just the high frequency sounds that surprises me. If it was a low frequency sound, I can pick it up no problem, although it's still a bit lower than what I'm used to (can't wait for my next map on March 4th).