Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three men and their articles.

Michael Chorost, author of "Rebuilt" released his latest article today for Technology Review called Helping the Deaf Hear Music. I found this very interesting because it discusses a computerized test that measures how well cochlear implant users perceive music.

Josh Swiller, author of "The Unheard: A Memoir of Deafness and Africa" had an article released today as well in the New York Times about him, Cochlear Implant Supports an Author’s Active Life. He discusses how his cochlear implant has changed his life.

Michael Royer, a fellow Advanced Bionic cochlear implant user AND he is on the cover of the next March/April edition of the Hearing Loss Magazine. According to the HLAA's website, it will feature his article called Buried Treasures which is "a personal story about growing up with a hearing loss and finally getting a cochlear implant."


Unknown said...

Interesting. I love music and always have music in my life.

Thanks for the update.

Laurie said...


These three guys are wonderful! Mike Royer is a hoot! Met him last year at the HLAA convention. I hope to meet Michael Chorost and Josh Swiller in person someday and have them sign my copy of their books!

Anonymous said...

Wow wish i can get those books to read up about it. Im very interested in it.

David said...

I hope to check these books out this week.
3 more weeks until I meet with surgeon for first discussion about CI.
Thanks for this.

Kim said...

I heard Chorost had an implant specially programmed for music listening. This is the one thing I'm really so interested in as a former piano player and flautist. I always LOVED music for years even as my hearing was going, and played until the keys sounded flat. No-- it's not my piano. (sigh) Someday I do hope to hear music well again.

Bob VE3MPG said...

Great collection of articles Abbie.

I will be at AB's labs in Sylmar mid March to test some new 'music' strategies and some other new strategies they have. I'll be back in April again for a follow up study after evaluating the new programs back here in Canada.

Will give a full report on my return.

Again a very good good blog you have here and enjoy your writing style.

Bob - near Ottawa Canada

Abbie said...

I'm going to see if I can grab those books, they really helped me. If I managed to get a copy of them, I will send them out to you!

Abbie said...

AB's CI can be programmed with different listening strategies. We have a party, a restaurant, a telephone and music strategy that can be programmed in any one of the three slots. I have a music program and it is awesome! With the CI, music certainly does come alive and it is in no way dull and flat like the HA is.

Abbie said...


I will be anticipating your report! I pay close attention to the technicalities of my mapping process and I really would be interested in the differences between the old and the new. Acutally, if you want to shoot me an email at bionicwoman2007@gmail.com I wouldn't mind comparing the programming strategies we have now.

I'm glad you like my blog Bob and I hope you keep checking back!

Bob VE3MPG said...

I'll certainly keep you posted, I'll take your email address with me and post a couple of emails to you while I'm at Advanced Bionics in Sylmar CA.

I'll be posting some photos of their labs too, on my PBase photo site, if they allow me to take some pictures - we can all see what the AB facilities look like.

The kind folks at AB emailed me a few weeks ago offering this trip to California - I was implanted a year ago last October and activated November 27, 2006. The Civic Hospital staff forwarded my name to AB as a possible candidate for their studies.

Stay tuned. . . .


Cotter Pen said...

Music is the thing I miss most with my deafness and cochlear implant. Thank you for bringing this article to my attention. Here is a posting on my blog about a great new caption telephone http://cotter-b.blogspot.com/2008/03/eat-blackberries-get-bluetooth.html. Maybe some of your readers would find it interesting.