Sunday, January 04, 2009

Music Video Featuring Sign Language

Every morning before I begin to assemble myself, I read Perez Hilton as well as CNN news. I happened to notice that the Perez posted a video by an Aussie pop singer named Sia who uses Sign Language in her latest video, "Soon We'll Be Found". I fell in love with the song, the video, the psychedelic utopia of trippy colors and decided to caption it.

If you cannot view the video, click here.

Why did she choose to sign in her video?

"Sia decided to sign as well as sing the song, in honor of the language and those who use it to communicate. “I've always been obsessed with the beauty of sign language,” Sia explains. “To ignorant hearing me, the movement and expression appears as a dance -- a beautiful, emotive dance. But the real beauty is the communication hidden within these perfect shapes.”"

But I can't tell what the hell is being said after 3:30 seconds. I think it is vocalizations with her repeating "I know we're lost but soon we'll be found". So if anyone with better ears then mine, not an impossible feat might I add :) could take a listen to the video and figure it out for me, that would be absolutely superb :)


A Deaf Pundit said...

Yeah, I blogged about that music video a while ago. It is a great music video, and after Bill Creswell pointed it out to me, I was very happy to see deaf actors in that video! :)

Unknown said...

I really like how it is choreographed. Definitely a great marketing of signed languages. It makes us look more sexy. : )

By the way Abbie, I am glad to see you on Deaf Read.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

She just repeats

Turn around
I know we're lost but soon we'll
be found

(also, there is a "don't" at 3:23 that doesn't belong there)

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke said...

Hi Abbie thanks for posting this, and Happy New Year!

I'm a little confused - the singer is Australian, but the signing looks ASL to me?

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Abbie!!!

Thanks for sharing this as I want to put this on my BB when I travel in a week !!! can't wait!!

Not even so sure how to do this as I can view YourTube on it but how to get this video on it... any suggestions lol..

Take care,


Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Happy New Year, Abbie :)

I'm so glad you introduced this video to all viewers. It's a wonderful video. I fell in love with it, too.

Unknown said...

Teresa, that's an interesting question I hadn't thought about it.

The video was probably filmed in the US, with Russell Harvard, and Keith Wann being a part of it.

Interview with the Video's Director
(who's offices are in Hollywood)

Unknown said...

Yes signing looks mostly ASL. I have seen Auslan, a lot of sign vocabulary look completely different.

Abbie said...

Happy New Year y'all! :)

DP - I'm a little slow aren't I :) but I'm glad we have the same taste in music :)

Bill, thank you ever so much! I will attempt to update the captions as best as I can. Hopefully I can do the song justice... oy!

Anne Marie - I wish I had her body :)

SusieQ - There is a way to download the video through Firefox by the way of a plugin called Downloader Helper. I believe if you use the Media Manager software that came with your Blackberry Desktop Manager, you can convert and import the video onto your Blackberry that way. Providing you have an SD card to store the video file on. I just might try this out to see how that works because I have a Blackberry Curve.

Teresa - I was fully expecting it to be Auslan or BSL but I was happily surprised that I could understand ASL.

Deb - I'm glad to you liked it :)

LaRonda said...

Hi Abbie.

I had not seen this video yet. I enjoyed the artistry. Very cool use of hands both in the ASL signs and the hand shows and neon stuff.

Way cool. Thanks for sharing.

~ LaRonda

Laurie said...


What a beautiful video! I have always loved sign language done with music and liturgical dance. Thank you for sharing!

Hugs, Laurie

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful video! One of my deaf friends who I met on a popular deaf dating site deafloving dot com told me aobut your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Take care

Anonymous said...

The video shows AUSLAN and most are very similar to ASL.

Im australian myself and can tell they are all using AUSLAN.

Great blog abbie !


Geo said...

That's very cool! I love this vid!

Anonymous said...

What a cool music video, thanks for sharing and captioning it!

Unknown said...

With love,

Steve said...

Glad to read that you are alive and well, if a bit sheepish.

I found your blog very useful in researching and coming to the decision to have a CI.

Looking forward to more!