Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DBC Rally at the AGB Convention in California

In this post you can see that I strongly disapprove Alexander Graham Bell oral only perspective. I believe in offering different methods of communication, the more the merrier I say. Thanks to Linda Slavick, she provided us with a video of the DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition) Rally in Milpitas, CA, the same one that Michael Chorost and Josh Swiller attended. There is no audio but watching this certainly portrays the passion of the people. Between the time 1:40 and 2:40 shows Josh and Mike speaking at the convention emphasizing that "we should be be working together" because we go through life facing the same adversities.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed with your video talent!

Anonymous said...

OOps! I did not read as I read. Oops! Linda Slavick, You did good job on video!!!

Valerie said...

The video is amazing. The signing is so fast. I wonder if all the resources of AGBell and others were put together for all deaf education, what great things could happen.


Anonymous said...

Abbie, who was Chorost talking about in the video? I had trouble catching the name.

Looks like everyone had fun there especially with campout and a good weather too.

Abbie said...

Lane, he was talking about me. The interpreter spelled my name as Abby.

Anonymous said...

Actually I knew.

It was great that your name was brought up at the rally.

Can't think of anything else to say here, gotta hit the sack in silence. I sleep during daytime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abbie!!

For those of us who are trying to integrate or alternate ASL and spoken English learning models while exploring what's possible with our CIs or our kids' CIs, it sometimes feels as though we're stuck between an ASL-only rock and an AGBell/oral-only hard place -- the challenging comments come from both sides.

It really is great to make examples of the movement towards working together highly visible, as you are doing! I agree with Valerie: imagine the possibilities if we combined resources, rather than using them against one another!

Unknown said...

See AG Bell working with deaf people who signs? I love to but probably not in my lifetime.

Great video.