Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calling all my bionic buddies!

Rally around the table, everyone!

If you all would go over to Brianna's Journey, Brianna's mom created this blog because Brianna is having bilateral cochlear implant surgery this coming Tuesday and she needs support, especially from moms that have been there. Would you mind popping over there and dropping a few words of wisdom? I would really totally appreciate it!

Christian over at Live*Laugh*Love just had his first cochlear implant surgery this past Monday and the lil cutie patootie come through with flying colors! He has that kind of face that just melts your heart. He is going to be breaking hearts when he gets older, I can see it already! His activation is slated for May 27th!

David over at Life in a Cone Of Silence had his surgery on April 8th and he set for activation on May 1st! The resilience of this man, unbelievable. Whatever cards he is dealt he shuffles them right out.


I love the smell of activations in the air, it brings back memories. :)


Valerie said...

Me too, smells of new beginnings.

Soon you will be getting the second one. Hold on world here comes the double bionic woman.


David said...

Thank yo Abbie. I am as giddy as Brianna is awaiting her surgery. I so appreciate your support and I told Brianna's Mom how much support you were to me taking away all my fears.
You rock!

Unknown said...

I am not bionic so I don't know what to help relating to coclhear plants.

I can try though.

Anonymous said...

Well abbie
You gotta wait 4 years for moi

Anonymous said...

Why did you change your web design? I actually like it better because it's easier to read and more uplifting.

But I thought the black background suited your writing style better (from your posts).

For my eyes, stay with white. :)