Thursday, January 31, 2008

How did I caption my activation video?

That seems to be the million dollar question! By a stroke of luck, I managed to come across this website that allows you to add subtitles to any online video that has been uploaded to YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, Dailymotion and Veoh by using the Overstream editor. And did I forget to mention that it is 100% free?

You start out by registering for a free account with them. Then you can check out the FAQ section and look at the easy to follow flash tutorials on how to add subtitles to the videos. Once I familiarized myself with the controls of the Overstream editor, it was such a breeze to do. You have the option of keeping your video public or private. I kept my video private until I was finished with adding the captions. I was able to save the video as I progressed with the captioning, which was an AWESOME feature for online website. Kudos! .When it was all finished, I clicked on the Create button that created the link and html code so that I could embed the video on a website and went live. This is very user-friendly website once you get the hang of it. I strongly recommend this website to anyone who wants to add captions, subtitles, or simple comments to dazzle up their video. I wanted to reach a wider variety of people and that would have never been possible without Overstream.

I was contacted this weekend by the administrator (really nice guy!) of Overstream who featured my captioned video on the front page of

Hap tip in your direction Overstream!


Kim said...

Thanks Abbie!! I really appreciate this information!! I just might try it someday if I ever get vlogging equipment. :-)

Billy said...

Hey Abbie,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry I never got back in the past. I'm real bad at that. I'm shocked I still post every blue moon on my blog. But this is such a great little group of CI folks, that I think I will keep the blog going for a long time. But on a non-regular basis, lol....
So who's gonna win the Superbowl??? Giants of course, can't be rootin for anyone that lives within kicking distance of those Red Slobs, hee hee
That was a cool vid you had there with the captions. I have not read much, but were you activated on a second CI? How are you doing with the CI.
Anyway, hope everything is cool your way, and yes baseball is around the corner. Those other bums, the Mets, just got a crapy pitcher, lol....

Anonymous said...

Hi, was that Max from overstream that contacted you? Yeah I seen your video on its front page for about a week now. If that was him you are right he's great for help....I had trouble embedding my captioned video onto my blog.....I'm still not there yet but am having someone over tmw to work on my computer. I've played with its subtitling on four of my videos and I AGREE its very simple and neat....saves me time than the other programs I've used. I am going to try to subtitle my videos permanently.

Unknown said...

Night Owl, I use a third party,, to imbed my Overstreamed movie trailers into Wordpress. It's a video collection site.

It's not the best overall,because you can't do fullscreen,but if you click where it says overstream to go to it on overstream server your can.

Vodpod adds some other features, like gallery widgets, facebook widgets, etc, so it's handy in that way.
(my collection is

Thanks for subtitling!

Anonymous said...

Bill, is it you Creswell? Max refered your name to me in case I have questions. If I remember it right he said you use IE as a browser like I do.

I use blogger. I'm having someone over here this afternoon to work on my computer, if no luck then we'll check vodpod out. Thanks.

I have been told using Firefox instead of IE may be the solution.

I also have other minor plms (like eyejots) that I'm trying to work on too.

Now Abbie...sorry we know it's your post, I have a question for you....are you using firefox as your browser?

Abbie said...

Kw - I use my digital camera on movie mode to make my videos. That was the easy part, its the program that is a pain in the keister :)

Billy - GIANTS all the way :) I only have one CI in my left ear, I'm on the edge of the fence with getting my other ear done. I'm doing pretty fantastic with it so far. I still have problems on the phone but i'm slowly but surely getting there, all I need is practice. I'm getting a captel phone at work and I am sure i will be able to retrain my ear for the phone again :) I'm glad you decided to keep your blog going, I always enjoy reading it :)

Nightowl - Yes! It was Max, he found my video touching and I thought that was such a nice thing to do. I repair computers on a daily basis and I will tell you that a lot of problems tend to stem from IE such as processing power, spyware, popups. It isn't as stable as people think it is. I started using Firefox a long time ago and I never looked back. It is zips along from website to website, blocks spyware, and virtually no popups. It has all sorts of add ons that you can use to make it fun. It is really worth the changeover.

What exactly is happening when you try to embed the video into a post? Is the video not showing up?

Bill -I'm going to have to check Vodpod out as well! I have a lot of clients that use wordpress and I am always looking to update the content! Thanks :)

Ulf said...

Thanks for sharing this info, Abbie! Now I could understand your activation-video, and it was awesome :-)
Tears in the corner of my eyes a couple of times :-)

Deb Ann and Hannah said...

Thank you, Abbie! It doesn't look hard at all.

Karen Putz said...

Thank you, Abbie-- I needed this!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, I can't wait to try this.

I love your written words, but a little birdie, or maybe just a comment you left on another blog, mentioned the possibility of vlogs ... bring 'em on!

deafcone said...


Did you have to type out everything you said and add or did it do it automatically? I was trying to do the same thing but it only adds what I type and I can't understand a thing I'm saying.


Unknown said...

I need to look into this. Thanks for the information.

Jennifer said...

Hey, dear, I tried it out for myself...results on the blog. I have a little work to do, still, but it's coming along :) I thought it would be a huge chore, but it was actually more fun than I thought :) Not sure if I'll ever make it through the other three though!! :)

Abbie said...


I had to type everything out. It took me a long time to be able to do that. It wasn't an over night thing I did.