Friday, June 27, 2008

NJ ASL Expo this Saturday!

I have a full weekend...again :) I'm going to the ASL Expo in town on Saturday.

Saturday, JUNE 28, 2008
10 A.M. TO 6 P.M. at
1245 Old Freehold Road, Toms River, New Jersey
FREE Admission & Parking
EXHIBITS Open From 10 am to 5 pm
Professional Entertainment Show starts at 3 pm till 5 pm

Then Sunday, I am singlehandedly taking on the task eradicating my entire house and yard of every six to eight legged insect, winged or not, that even thinks about crawling near the vicinity of my humble abode. I am not playing around anymore! Next time I post, I will be finishing up the HLAA convention in a completely insect-free zone.

Have a great weekend. : )


Jennifer said...

I'm very jealous about the looks cool. The bugs, can have them all to yourself, OK?

Laurie said...

In Tennessee we have an exterminator that comes every month. I don't know what I'd do without him! I don't like bugs, either.

When we moved in our house, we had an infestation of "camel crickets" (not their real name but that is what we call them). They were long legged bugs and hopped everywhere! The house had been empty and damp for 8 months and they thrived in it! Ewww!

Have fun at the Expo. I need to learn some ASL before the next convention!

Hugs! Laurie

Laurie said...

I just googled "camel crickets" after my comment and it is their real name. EWWWWW! Check them out!

Abbie said...


That is ONE of the things I am planning on eradicating! I can't stand them! I had a panic attack and I believe Jen remembers this. I found one on my bed and I freaked. I slept in my recliner and boiled my satin sheets in hot water the next day.


Shari said...

Bugs bug me. Begone, bugs. Where's the Orkin man? I have these tiny, tiny sharp pencil-point sized ants. Hard to see. Out, out, out. With arsenic-laced poison. Out.

Have fun at the ASL Expo. Nothing like that is ever nearby here. Oh, well. :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh.. I want to go! I went to one in Seattle about 3 years ago and it was pretty small. I guess maybe cuz we came in first thing in the morning and most people usually come in later.

Hope one of these days we will go again! Keep us posted how it goes and you have fun!! :-D

Please keep these insects away from me, thank you!!


Karen Putz said...

I don't like bugs either and I certainly would hate to share a bed with them-- but boy, those chemicals scare me even more!

David said...

I hear you on the bugs. Drives me batty and makes my skin crawl. There is not an insect I like.
Fave fun at the ASL expo

Anonymous said...

awww those camel crickets are cute !!!! dont kill the poor critters *evil cackle*


Jennifer said...

Yes, I remember that cricket episode! Sorry I kept missing you all weekend...argh! I want to hear about the expo!!

Sam said...

ANOTHER convention? You must have conventionistics. By the way, if you find a 7 legged bug, they make great pets!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Abbie! Hopefully these critter friends of yours won't bring the house with them upon their demise! LOL

Kim said...

I shuddered about the creepy crawlers. Am on my way home from the IFHOH. The hlaa had may's hearing health on their table. I said to my friend, HEY! I know her! Im looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Drop me a line.