Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Life in Six Words

I've been tagged by Jim for a "My Life in Six Words" meme.

What is a meme? A meme is basically in two ways:
1. Meme--pronounced 'mem', a memory
2. Meme--rhymes with 'theme', a theme where I am tagged to answer questions about 'me' or myself...

Here's my 6 words:

Everyday of my life is precious.

I tag the following people to do the "meme". :)



David said...

OH Kay bionic buddy.
Let me give it some thought.
Thanks for giving me a shot at this

Valerie said...

Me too Bionic Woman - Hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Thanks -- I never knew how to pronounce it! I thought it was like me-me. Wrong me!

Cyborg Queen said...

Here's mine..

"Does it look like I care?"


C. said...

Polar Bears rock, sistah. :) Alright, now you have to come to my blog, since you don't have anything else to do and do my de-lurk fab. five woman...♥

Anonymous said...

here is my 6 words !!!

*I dont give a bloody damn!!!*


Jennifer said...

SIX WORDS? I'm not sure I can pull that off ;). Will give it a shot in the next day or so!

Sam said...

me me me me me me

Shari said...

I am chuckling at Sam's answer: me 6x.

Another blogette did this and she just wanted people to put their life in siz words in the comment section if they wanted. Some just put six adjectives that described them.

Positive, hopeful, worrywart, empathetic, ever-learning, and considerate.